Astrophotography report 8/27/14

For this outing I went on the light pollution map and I scoped out a dark sky spot. A dirt road road about 50 minutes from my house. I had practice with my band and the sky was clear. I already packed my 8 inch dobsonian, camera and tripod. I punched in the lat long into google maps. I started the drive, I decided to route past my normal orange sky spot on the way to the green zone. I made a quick stop there and saw the clear sky. It was another 20 or so minutes to the darker spot, it was tempting to just set up here, but no, I must see the darker sky! So I drove and drove and drove and finally found the dirt road, with a closed gate. Well damn! There was enough “road” to pull my car off the main road. The Milky Way was easily visible to the naked eye. With that much visible, I couldn’t wait to see what a long exposure would show! It was so dark and clear I wanted to stay out there for hours. But it was deep in the sticks and there was a lot of wildlife in the area. Also, I was only a foot or two off the main road and there wasn’t a ton of traffic, but the headlights were a pain to block during the long exposures. I wanted to set up the dob, but it was getting a bit late, I had work in the morning, and I didn’t want to become a snack for any sharp toothed critters. I packed up and headed home, I was tempted to stop at the orange zone site. Again, it was getting late so I decided to continue on home. Only a couple of shots, but everything turned out pretty good. I ramped up the ISO and was pleased with the results. The noise wasn’t too much worse than the lower ISO. 

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