Observing 8/20/14

This is a bit late. 
I had gotten a brand new DSLR, T3i Canon to be exact. I brought it along with my nexstar 8 to the orange zone. I set up the telescope and tried to capture video of Saturn. There are some issues with 1:1 pixel ratio. I got the video, but it was at the wrong settings and was useless. I slewed around and looked at a few objects, I attempted to find M21 but couldn’t see the close by nebula. After a while of searching I heard some commotion by the boat ramp. A man his daughter and his son walked up and asked me what I was looking at. I talked to them for quite awhile. I showed them how I take pictures through the telescope, the parts of the telescope and how it works. I showed them a few star clusters and Saturn. This quickly turned into an outreach program. But it was fun and I got a couple of potential new members for our astronomy club.
I then took the telescope down and focused on capturing the Milky Way with my new DSLR. I had a blast! Below is one of the images from that first time with the DSLR.

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