Observing report 03/05/15

Finally, a brief moment of clarity. It’s been snowing or raining for weeks. The wife and I went out to eat and on the ride home I noticed the stars were out. I rushed home and invited the wife to join me in the back yard. I lit the fire pit to keep her warm, it didn’t work and she shortly went back inside. Obviously the light of the fire is not great for dark viewing. But I thought it’d be nice.
I was excited because not only has it been awhile since I had my telescope out, I got to pull out my new book. Turn Left at Orion. I can’t recommend this book enough!
First up was the Moon! A full Moon was out and used the book’s lunar map to find some of the bigger landmarks. I took a peak at Jupiter. Seeing wasn’t great. I tried the 6mm eyepiece, no luck. It was too blurry. I tried the 9mm and it was a much better view. I hopped over to Orion, my first DSO. I still love looking at that. It looked pretty great through the 9mm. I LOVE my 40mm eyepiece. Orion was stunning through that. The stars of the trapezium were pretty close and hard to decipher in the 40mm.
I went through the book page by page. Of course I started with the Orion Nebula as mentioned above. I took a look for the Horsehead and Flame Nebula. No luck. As I understand from imaging, those are pretty faint. I went on to a couple of double (or greater) stars. Sigma Ori, Σ761, Alnitak, Mintaka, and Rigel. The companion star to Rigel was so close it was almost obscured by the diffraction spike. I was going to continue on to the next page, and as I was looking for the star to hope to, the clouds rolled in. My night was over. It’s going to be raining for a couple of days it looks like. It was really great to spend some time with a simple set up just star hopping. I love this book and can’t wait to go out again.

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